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Welcome to Watchman Personal Safety - Surveillance!

Watchman Personal Safety - Surveillance


  • I empower myself with my multi purpose stun gun against an attack.


    Each day in the evening I walk the trail not far from my home and I carry my flashlight multi purpose stun gun with me. This time of the evening it's still day light so I feel safe walking alone. Today as I was walking I happened to notice a guy standing far back in the wooded area so I reach to my side and pulled out my  multi purpose stun gun   and he proceeded to turn the other way. Self defense is about preventing an attack before it get started and ending an attack unharmed rather than having to resort to deadly lethal force.

    Watchman Self Defense is an alternative to those who choose to obey the law of the land. Whether it's an elderly mother, or sister,  or wife,  their safety and yours is a high priority in guarding against victimization in parking lots or jogging alone we have the solution wildfire pepper spray. 15% off on all our products right now Hurry!!!  While your daughter is away on college campus you want to have peace of mind knowing she has the protection she needs at all times even when she attends the parties they may have on or off campus.

      Drink Guard is a date rape drug detector with 10 test cards the size of a credit card. Tests are easy to perform. A drop of your drink on the test area then wait until it dries. This can be done right at a party or club and no one will ever suspect because of it's size and also could pass as a business card . All our products such as Tasers, Personal Alarms,  Stun Guns, Survival Gear, Mace, Animal Repellents, and Surveillance Systems, provides peace of mind to our customers.  All products are now 15% off plus Free Shipping  Buy Now!!! while supplies last. 


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